First 5 San Francisco’s Unique Preschool for All Program

Offers Universal Preschool for Our City’s Children in San Francisco, we want every child to have equal access to a high-quality preschool program. That's why at First 5, we've made preschool a priority. We call it Preschool for All.

Since 2004, we've expanded preschool access for children in San Francisco County, regardless of family income. Funded by Proposition H, Preschool for All is a citywide preschool program that offers free and reduced cost preschool for 4-year olds who reside in San Francisco County. Preschool for All funds both private and public preschools. See our map of preschool locations throughout the city.

Enrollment is easy, and the benefits for all of our children are dramatic – studies show that children who attend quality preschool programs are more likely to succeed in elementary school.

Learn More about First 5 San Francisco Preschool for All

We invite you to learn more about our city’s innovative preschool opportunity: find a local preschool in your neighborhood on our map; make sure you understand the important registration deadlines; learn how you can give back, and read testimonials from families who have benefited from First 5 San Francisco’s Preschool for All program.